Frequently Asked Questions

Fundraising FAQs

How long can your products stay out of the freezer?
The products are delivered frozen and will stay that way for 2-3 hours after delivery depending on the weather.
Why can’t I buy your products in stores?
By offering our products exclusively through fundraising, we're able to maintain superior quality and each customer is assured a fresh product. Limited availability is also important for driving demand for our fundraising groups.

For more information on what products we carry, visit our Products Page!
What should I expect at delivery?
We will arrive in our own delivery vehicle on the date and time selected. We will have the pastries presorted for your convenience. Please have tables and a few volunteers ready to help when we arrive.
How long does the fundraiser take?
Most groups sell for two - four weeks. We will deliver your product roughly two weeks after your order is submitted.

Your entire sale can be wrapped up within a month! In slower times of the year we can even do it even quicker as our delivery schedule is more flexible.
Do I collect money when I take the orders or upon delivery?
We suggest that you collect payment when your customer places their order. This way you have all the money collected in advance and you won’t be stuck with any product that is not paid for.
What is the minimum order?
We do not enforce minimum orders but will request that you work with us on the delivery date so that we can deliver smaller orders on a route with others.
When do I pay you?
Payment is due at the time of delivery.
Who do I make the check payable to?
Please have one check made out to Success N Fundraising for our portion of the sale.
Can my customers order Butter Braid Pastries online?
Yes, we now offer Online Fundraisers. You will send a link to your Online Store and they can order their favorite Butter Braid Pastry and pay securely with a credit card or one of several other payment types.

The seller will then hand deliver the pastry to their customer.
Why can’t my customers order online and have it shipped to them?
Due to the fact that our products are frozen and must be shipped with dry ice, the shipping costs soon eat up your profit.
How could I encourage my out of town relatives to buy from me?
We would encourage your relatives that are coming from out of state that have ordered from you to bring a cooler, buy a little dry ice and take it back with them.

The product will stay cold for several days provided you tape it shut and cover with a blanket. Butter Braid® pastries must be kept at 0 degrees or below so regular ice does not work.
How do I send in my order from my fundraiser?
Orders can be submitted through our secure online portal. You will receive a unique link that is specific to your fundraiser. We also offer offline order tabulators if necessary.

You deserve a simple fundraiser.

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